Home Composting Service

40% of landfill waste is food waste. In a landfill the food breaks down very slowly and releases methane gas into the atmosphere, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

By recycling food waste using an anaerobic fermentation process we are able to rapidly transform food waste into a fantastic soil amendment without releasing any methane! The final soil conditioner is teaming with micro-nutrients that feed beneficial bacteria and boost the micro biology in soil. Healthy living soil retains water more efficiently. It also leads to higher crop yields and more robust plants that are less susceptible to pests and disease. Soil rich in beneficial bacteria does not need any fertilizers!

If you live in town and don't have the ability to keep your own compost pile let us do the composting for you! All members will receive a $40 credit toward our soil conditioners for home gardening this Spring!

Join Swift Buckets home composting service for $15 per month for households within Billings city limits or $150 for a whole year!

We will provide a 5 gallon bucket to be filled with food scraps and compostable waste. Each week we come and pick up the waste to be turned into nutrient rich soil conditioner!

By joining Swift Buckets you can help our community divert tons waste from the landfill every week and reduce our carbon footprint in a significant way!