Featured Crops

Below is a list of our favorite crops that are on a continuous growing cycle and available for immediate order. If we are out of stock for the week we can put you into the next growing cycle that will generally be ready for delivery within two weeks.


Micro Broccoli

Broccoli is quite mild with bright green leaves on top of white stems. It makes a great addition to any salad or main dish and can pack extra nutrients into juices and smoothies without overbearing flavor. The nutritional value of micro-broccoli was the inspiration for starting our farm in the first place. We highly encourage everyone to look into some of the amazing studies that have recently been conducted about these super greens!


Micro Kale

Mild and nutty flavor with dark green leaves on top of pink and white stems.


Purple Radish and Green Daikon Radish

Both Radishes have a bold spicy flavor. Purple radish (pictured) has dark purple and green leaves on bright magenta and white stems

Green Daikon- (not pictured) Has bright green leaves on white stems and a very similar bold spicy flavor to the purple raddish.



Bold spicy onion flavor with bright white and green stems holding on to the tiny black seed hull at the very tip of the sprout. A favorite for delicate beauty and bold flavor.


Purple or Green Cabbage

Mild flavor and with white stems and green leaves or white and purple stems with purple leaves