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call: 406. 794. 9370

Fill out the contact form to order weekly deliveries!

We are happy to offer weekly home deliveries and one time special deliveries for events and gifts. We grow each order as it comes in so please allow up to two weeks for your deliveries to begin. After filling out this form we will contact you to confirm your order and arrange for deliveries. Below are the delivery options.

  • $75 per month Broccoli only (12.5 x 17 in)

  • $85 per month variety of four different microgreens. (12.5 x 17 in)

  • $115 per month for a double tray (24 x 16 in Tray)

  • $25 for single small 12.5 x 17 in trays with 14 days notice

  • $35 for single large 24 x 16 in tray with 14 days notice.

  • We are also taking larger orders for weekly or Bi Weekly Restaurant deliveries. Special wholesale pricing is available for chef's and large events.

Gift Purchases

We are happy to deliver to the home of your choice! If you are purchasing a gift for someone else please fill out the contact form with your own personal information. Once the form is submitted we will contact you to discuss the delivery options.

Swift Buckets Compost Pickup!

We give you a bucket to fill with your home food waste. Then we pickup the waste each week and take it away to be turned into nutrient rich soil.

  • $15 per month for downtown and billings west end

  • discounts for referrals and neighbors who join together!

For weekly microgreen delivery or compost pick-up please fill out this Contact form or call Jessica at 406-794-9370 and we will get the ball rolling for you!



Please Note, Microgreen delivery and food waste pickup services are currently only available in the Billings and Laurel area.
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If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please give your own address on this form. We will contact you once this form is submitted to discuss delivery options for you or for the gift recipient.
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